D1 Shooter Program

After you purchase the D-1 Shooter you will gain access to the following tools:

  • An eBook telling my motivational story of how I became one of the top 3pt shooters in nation at the Division 1 level.
  • Within the eBook a list of over 20 shooting drills and the basic breakdown of how each one is designed to work.
  • Access to video demonstrations of every drill showing you the exact footwork, form, rhythm and timing needed for every drill.

  • How to develop the Mental Psyche of a Shooter, and the 3 major components.
  • Access to my daily workout plans, combing all the drills, depending on what skills you are wanting to work on (Catch & Shoot, off the dribble, off-season, in season workouts).
  • One free shooting form analysis video submission. I will break down your shot in any shooting drill, and let you know areas of improvement, correct form, or if you are on the right track.
  • Any questions you have throughout your shooting journey you can ask me anytime.
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Shooting is one of the hardest skills to perfect, but that also means there is more opportunity for those that become shooters.
Every team needs a shooter, and the game of basketball is adapting to favor shooters.

I created the D1 Shooter for the kids out there trying to find out what it takes to make it the Division 1 level as a pure shooter. For me I never had the size, strength or uncanny jumping ability, I had to make up for all of that with my ability to shoot the basketball. This was something that did not come naturally. I had to dedicate myself to it. Not only does it require time but you must know the right things to work on otherwise you are wasting your time.

My goal is to give kids a step by step program that teaches them the exact footwork, rhythm and timing they must perfect. This knowledge coupled with my custom workout drills that I perfected over the years are the exact tools you need to make it as a shooter at the college level. All my drills are designed to subconsciously train your mind to only make shots not just shoot them. Every team needs a lights out shooter, and the game of basketball itself is favoring teams who can shoot. I have studied and learned from the best and now I’m offering my insights and workout plans to all aspiring shooters.

Snippets: Chapter 2 – Becoming A Specialized Shooter

…a skinny white kid, maybe 6 foot tall playing the 2 guard trying to guard Kevin Durant. I had my work cut out for me, to say the least. But hey, they had to guard me too.Chapter Two
…as soon as I step on a basketball court my mind flips into another persona and I didn’t really master it until my junior year of college. There are 3 things you must have to master the psyche of a shooter.Chapter Two
…Every college basketball player has a different story of how they got there, some have it easier than others. I know for me I didn’t have the natural athleticism so I had to be more skilled than 98% of everyone else. My craft was shooting.Chapter Two
…I believe if you master these drills, and dedicate your time to them, you will have a good chance at making it the collegiate level based on your shooting alone.Chapter Two
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